Thursday, February 4, 2010

Honduras - Tacos Fritos

Honduras seems to be a place of change these days. These changes include expanding the tourist economy, becoming more involved with matters of globalization, especially when it comes to free trade agreements and being more environmentally responsible, like tackling their illegal logging problem. They are also fighting against gang violence and HIV/AIDS.

It sounds like they’ve got a lot on their plate (No pun intended). But speaking of which, for our Honduras meal we had Tacos Fritos. These are tortillas filed with beef or chicken and rolled into a flute. The rolled tacos are deep fried and served with raw cabbage, hot sauce and cheese with some sour cream topping. Serve them with black beans and you’ve got yourself a complete meal.

I learned about making these tacos when my Mexican friend, Ana, and her mother came to visit me last summer. They told me that these rolled tacos are great to make if you have left over meat. The one trick they taught me was that you should quickly fry the corn tortilla, on both sides, in oil (careful not to make them hard), then roll them with the meat inside. After that, you fry them again until they are hard and crispy.

The rolled tacos are easy-peezy to make and the kids love them.

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